Organised kids colouring supplies

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Today I’m sharing a little organising project I completed this weekend. At first I thought it was too small a space to dedicate an entire blog post to, but I always love finding out how other people tackle these little things. Hopefully this will give you…

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July to-do list

Part of starting this blog was to give myself external accountability for the home-related items on my to-do list. Having a beautiful, practical and comfortable home is important to me but I haven’t been prioritising the jobs that make that happen…the organising and decorating that I want to do. My July to-do list is optimistic,…

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Welcome to The teal to-do list

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m starting a blog! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years (and talking about it for quite a while too!) but wasn’t sure whether I should really do it. Do I have anything new to add to the world of blogging? Will anyone be interested enough to bother reading…

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