Welcome to The teal to-do list

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m starting a blog!


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years (and talking about it for quite a while too!) but wasn’t sure whether I should really do it. Do I have anything new to add to the world of blogging? Will anyone be interested enough to bother reading this? Will I get lazy and not post anything?

Then I decided to just do it. No more putting it off. Here I am, with my very own blog. Welcome to The teal to-do list!

I’m hoping for this to be a place where I can share our progress in making our house into a more beautiful, comfortable and organised (hopefully!) home. I’d like to share my ideas on decorating each room in the house, organising tips and any beautiful house buys I find. I’d also love this blog to be somewhere that I can learn from others who are interested in decor, design, organisation and making life easier in a beautiful way. I hope I can inspire you to tidy and reorganise your homes too.

And why did I pick the name The teal to-do list? Well, teal because it is my favourite colour and has been for so long that my friends and family just call it ‘Emma’s colour’! And to-do list because I’m hoping that writing this blog will encourage me to check items off my to-do list—particularly items relating to organising and decorating our home. First item checked off. I’ve started my blog!

Started thetealtodolist
So please join me. I’d love to hear comments on what you want more of on the blog and any advice you have on making our house a home.

Em x smaller

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