July to-do list

Part of starting this blog was to give myself external accountability for the home-related items on my to-do list. Having a beautiful, practical and comfortable home is important to me but I haven’t been prioritising the jobs that make that happen…the organising and decorating that I want to do. My July to-do list is optimistic, so I probably won’t get everything done this month, but I’m hoping to get a good start on things. Also, how is it July already?!


  • Organise Shaw’s 5th birthday party

My youngest son Shaw’s birthday is in mid-August, so I need to organise his birthday party during July. It will just be a little party with his cousins, but I want to book somewhere to have it so need to get organised with that.

  • Finish organising the garage

During June we made good progress on organising our garage. We bought heavy duty storage shelves and removed the hodge-podge of random furniture that had been working as our garage storage. We mostly have been able to have both cars in the garage but once we put the shelves in it was a few weekends before we had it all organised and took all the excess furniture away. We can now fit both cars again, and the garage is looking pretty good…just a few finishing touches and final decluttering to go.

  • Organise and label kids colouring supplies

Our kids like to colour and draw on the dining table so we keep their colouring books, pencils, textas and activity books in the dining room sideboard. It’s a great spot for them, but it has just got a little (lot) messy!

  • Tidy ensuite bathroom cupboards

The cupboards in our bathroom are quite deep so I need to come up with a good solution for keeping everything organised in there. Turns out just shoving everything in and closing the door does not make it easy to find things you need when you’re in a rush in the morning. Hoping to improve things this month!

  • Buy pantry labels

I’ve got quite a few Tupperware containers in my pantry, which are already labelled with the provided Tupperware labels, but I also have white Ikea bins/tubs to containĀ  snacks, spare items, stock and salts, granola ingredients, etc. I’ve spied some great labels on Instagram so want to order some for the things that aren’t already labelled in the pantry. I’ll share a blog post on my organised pantry once they arrive!

  • Declutter and organise study

Anyone who’s been to our house knows our study is our dumping ground. Kids artwork, all the papers we may ever (and never!) need, and anything that doesn’t have a home ends up in the study. But since the study is also our family entry into the house from the garage, it is the first thing we see when we get home. Not exactly the mood I want to set. Time to declutter and organise it once and for all!

  • Tackle paper clutter

And on that note, time to put in place better systems to make sure the paper clutter and kids artwork explosion doesn’t overtake the study ever again!

  • Start decluttering and organising playroom

Our kids have a great sized playroom but we haven’t been making the most of it. They have way more toys than they actually play with and things have become so messy that not everything has a place to be put back…making it impossible for the kids to properly clean up after themselves, even if they wanted to (which they mainly don’t of course!). I want to make tidying up as easy and quick as possible for them and also create a fun space to be in. Step one – declutter and get organised. Step two – buy some new storage furniture and decorate…but I’ll leave that for a later month.

  • Find more art for our bedroom

I decorated our main bedroom a while ago but the picture ledges are still looking pretty bare. I need to find some fun and affordable art to put up there.

As you can see, my main goal for July is decluttering and tidying. And then once I get more on top of all the clutter in the house, I’d like to do more decorating.

I’ll let you know at the end of the month how I’ve gone.

What’s on your July to-do list?

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