Five items to add to your weekend to-do list to set you up for the week ahead

Hi friends! Our kids are back into the swing of the school term but it always takes me a while to get back into the normal routine. Somehow the folding pile is out of control and we ran out of fruit for lunchboxes on Wednesday! Here’s five things I’m adding to the to-do list this weekend to get organised and start the week off right!

1. Meal planning

We do our meal planning on a Friday night so we are ready to grocery shop on Saturday. Although, to be honest, we can be pretty lazy on a Friday night so sometimes rush the meal planning on Saturday morning! I like to vary the types of dinners we have—for example, one night we might have pasta, one night vegetarian, one night Mexican, one night chicken and salad, one night fish, and so on. I also make sure we have time to cook whatever we’ve chosen on that particular night. On Mondays we all get home around dinner time, so we need to either eat something straight out of the slow cooker, or re-heat something from the freezer.

2. Grocery shopping

We do our grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. It is great to have it done early on the weekend as we’re more likely to eat at home, rather than eating out or having takeaway all weekend. One of us watches the kids at sport on a Saturday morning and the other does the grocery shopping at the same time. Makes us feel efficient!

3. Laundry

Although I’ll put a load of washing on most nights, I like us to get on top of the laundry piles on the weekend, especially the folding and ironing. This is also when I’ll wash the towels and sheets. We also make sure we’ve put everything away (school uniforms are a priority!)—the last but important step in any laundry routine!

4. To-do list

Write out a to-do list for the week. Based on my blog name, you can probably tell how much I like to-do lists! I like to have one list that is a dump of everything swirling around in my brain that needs to be done. I then write a daily to-do list and try to only have on there what I realistically can take care of that day.

5. Go to bed early on Sunday night


This is the one thing I fail most at! But having a nicely made, inviting bed helps! I always feel so much better each week if I manage to go to bed early on a Sunday night.

And a bonus thing everyone should do each weekend (but probably doesn’t need to be on your list) is relax! Take some time for yourself/your family and enjoy the downtime. Yes, if you have kids you can’t fully relax on weekends like you did before kids (what are sleep-ins?) but you should still try to make time to do something fun and relaxing.

What do you have on your weekend to-do list to help you plan for the week ahead? What should I be adding?

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