Our cute coffee station

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Today I’m showing you our cute coffee station!

I still have a long way to go in simplifying our home. We have way too much ‘stuff’ that I want to declutter. But…in our kitchen we have been very particular about what we put out on the bench. It makes me feel more on top of things and it is easier to entertain when the kitchen bench is tidy. We are lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry…a butler’s pantry I’d guess you’d call it, although it doesn’t have a sink in it (do you need a sink to technically call it a butler’s pantry?). And that allows us to hide away a lot of our small appliances. Although a sparse kitchen bench is practical, I found that the kitchen was a bit boring! I wanted something to add some fun to the kitchen.

Our tidy kitchen was missing something.
Our tidy kitchen was missing something

We did have our coffee machine out on the kitchen bench tucked in the corner because it was too high to fit properly on the bench in the pantry. I had visions of a cute coffee station…and then found this print on Temple and Webster that I couldn’t go past.

First I drink the coffee then I do the things

Once I bought that, our little coffee station came together quickly. I wanted a cute but practical solution for storing coffee pods but initially didn’t have any bright ideas. For years we have been keeping them in the little case we got when we bought the coffee machine, but it only holds a couple of each type and it was annoying to have the rest left in their original sleeves. Plus, this case is a bit annoying unless you keep it out on the bench. The extra steps of opening the cupboard, taking the case out, opening it and selecting a pod was just more effort than it should be! Certainly too much to contemplate before you’ve had your first coffee.

While I liked the idea of a glass jar for storing pods (it certainly looks cute), my husband pointed out how annoying it is when the coffee pod you want is at the bottom of the jar. I needed the solution to be practical so ended up going for a little bowl we already had. I’m still on the lookout for one that’s slightly more teal, not just blue! It works perfectly though. So simple for finding the coffee pod you want.

I bought a little canister to hold sugar (although to be honest, we don’t have sugar in our coffee so this doesn’t get much use!) It looks cute though. I added the chocolate shaker because the spot was missing something with just two things there—the rule of three really works I think. A placemat from Ikea corrals everything nicely.

Our new coffee station
Our new coffee station

We keep our mugs in the cupboard above this little spot—it is super convenient to have everything located together. Our kettle is just to the left of the coffee machine, but inside the pantry, so we keep our tea bags, hot chocolate etc. just above the kettle.
It’s really nice to have this little organised, fun spot in our kitchen. I think it makes the whole space a bit more cosy and homely.

Coffee station and mug cupboard

What do you think of our coffee station? Do you have something similar in your home? Have you come up with a brilliant way to store coffee pods?

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