An organised linen closet

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I’d like this blog to be part motivation for me to organise my home and make over rooms, and part inspiration for others looking for ideas on how to make their lives more organised and their homes more beautiful.

Today I’m sharing our organised linen closet.

We have a walk-in linen closet, which provides lots of space but also lots of room to be messy! When we first moved in I very roughly categorised all the sheets, towels and other linens in the linen closet and shut the door.

Linen closet before 2

Fast-forward a year and the linen closet was a cluttered mess!

Linen closet before

So, I started my reorganising by taking everything out and only putting back in the linens we use. I donated anything still in good condition, re-purposed some of the towels as dog towels and rags, then binned the rest.

Next step was buying some cute containers from Kmart—some of the large mint storage containers and some of the 18 litre mint containers. They come with lids, but I only used them for a few if I wanted to stack them. I’d rather have easier access to everything than cover them with lids. These containers also come in blue (more of a blue-grey) and white.

I used cardboard tags, string and my label maker to label the containers. Oh and a cute step-stool from Ikea because it makes it way easier to access things on the top shelf…because I’m not exactly tall! I even mostly put it together by myself. My husband has not once had to use it, I might add.

Here it is, my beautiful linen closet!

Linen closet after

My organised linen closet makes me happy every time I see it, and even happier every time I need to grab a towel or sheets. And it makes it really easy for anyone to put things away!

The linen closet is definitely not the most important room in the house to be organised—I really should be organising and decorating the playroom! But sometimes it’s nice to do a quick organising project that only takes an afternoon but brings you joy every time you see it!

What space have you been putting off organising? I hope my tidy linen closet can inspire you to declutter and make a space pretty. Let me know if it does!

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