Book week costume ideas

A big question on many mums’ minds at this time of year is…what on earth are my kids going to wear for book week?! I’ve rounded up my boys’ costumes for the past few years and some other costumes they’ve worn to parties over the years that could totally translate to book week costumes. And spoiler alert…there’s no sewing involved! Felt and a hot glue gun are the extent of my crafting abilities.

I hope they give you some inspiration!

Bunny rabbit

A super easy, cute bunny! White socks for hands and feet, grey tshirt and pants, bought tail and ears set (under $5) and face paint for the whiskers and nose.

The Gruffalo

We were lucky that my parents bought this great costume, but it would definitely be possible to DIY something for a less complicated gruffalo!



The kids would love to help make this jet pack – so fun!

‘Clive’ from Green

When Clivey was at preschool his favourite colour was green and his auntie bought him a book with the main character Clive, who only wore green! It was perfect. And there are lots of characters who wear regular clothes like this.


Okay, so these costumes are mainly bought, but a pirate is one costume that can pretty much be cobbled together with stuff from home…plus an eye patch!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Felt for the win!

Lewis from A Day with Wilbur Robinson

I mean, this kid was born to be Lewis right?! And we didn’t need to buy anything for this one.


Shaw’s already had his book week this year…and he chose to go as a crocodile. Green clothes, felt plus an egg carton made for a pretty fun and easy costume.

And this year Clivey is going to be Geronimo Stilton.

















Shouldn’t be too complicated…I hope!

Do your kids have to dress up for book week? What characters have they gone as in years past?

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